A Teacher’s Passion for Change & Harnessing the Power of Growth

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A Teacher’s Passion for Change & Harnessing the Power of Growth

“Kepler College is not only a place for students to learn, but also for instructors. Through Kepler College, I have the opportunity to be trained through performance sessions and other workshops. Having such opportunities helps me grow my values, attitudes and teaching methods.”


Emmanuel Sebagisha, former refugee student is now a facilitator at Kepler College with a passion for teaching that emerged at a young age. His own experience of studying in a refugee camp taught him the importance of access to quality education and well-equipped teachers.

“My passion for education stems from my experience as a senior three student, preparing for my national exam. When I sought guidance from my teachers I witnessed the impact of those sessions, which sparked my interest in teaching and supporting others to reach their potential,” reflected Emmanuel.

Emmanuel joined Kepler in 2019 as a student and sought opportunities that would feed his passion for teaching. Having not been selected for his first teaching assistant position, this did not stop him but worked in his favor. After a few months of patience, Emmanuel was accepted as a Senior Learning Assistant in Business Management. 

Emmanuel gained valuable teaching experience before joining Kepler College. He worked as a teaching assistant at Gacurabwenge Primary School, teaching Science, Technology and Mathematics to primary three students. Later, he interned as a Participatory Action Research Manager as part of the competitive Global Education Movement program at the City University of New York. These experiences prepared him for teaching opportunities at Kepler College.

“When I joined Kepler, I knew that this was an environment whose culture was centered around growth. Given my experience as a student, I wanted to come back and benefit from that source of growth as a facilitator. I knew that Kepler College is working to champion change for many youths through its unique and inclusive model of learning,” shared Emmanuel.

Kepler College’s approach to learning promotes inclusivity, ensuring that all students receive equitable educational support to master their skills. What makes the model unique is its innovative leadership style that empowers young people to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and thought leaders within their communities. 

“Kepler College’s model is one that ensures that students have strong confidence in their skill set. It provides various technical and soft skills that make them stand out on the job market. The model prides itself on learning while doing and I for one have seen how this develops the talents of our students,” highlighted Emmanuel.

Having learned within the Rwandan education system and later working within that system, Emmanuel has been able to see the growth and disparities that present themselves in the education system. Rwanda, like other countries in the region, is working to improve the higher education sector. Emmanuel shares some insights on the challenges he has identified.

“Despite Rwanda’s improvements in its education system, challenges still exist. These include lack of alignment with market skills, emphasis on memorization over practical skills, and inadequate preparation for job creation. Fortunately, Kepler College is addressing these challenges through upskilling programs, career services support, and job preparation initiative. This makes it a promising institution for students,” added Emmanuel.

Emmanuel’s journey is one that attests to the Kepler College impact and one that he wishes and encourages for his peers. 

“If you are looking to further your education, you would be knocking on the right door with Kepler College. This experience is one that has shown me the integral role that teachers play in our society, but more importantly how your skills can be harnessed into finding or creating employment,” shared Emmanuel.

As Kepler College continues to grow and expand its richness, the college’s community is testament to the importance of a quality education and adequate preparation for the 21st century workforce.

To learn more about Kepler College, visit www.keplercollege.ac.rw.