Academic Programs


Academics at Kepler College starts with foundational skills to tackle students’ barriers to succeed in their academic performance as well as secure gainful employment. These foundation skills include communication, professionalism and digital competence, which are critical for students’ academic and employment success. Our approach to higher education tackles barriers like gender, finance and foundational skills effectively. Also, barriers to employment including mismatch between education and the labor market needs, access to information and insufficient job readiness for employment are addressed through robust job readiness training and career guidance.

Our academic model is based on   a competency-based  approach and is offered through blended learning. Instead of rote learning, we offer students projects and case studies drawn from a real situation and ask them to  demonstrate their learnings by executing these projects. The foundation of Kepler College pedagogy follows learn by doing and instructors are the facilitators of students’ learning. Our pedagogical strategies include goal setting, flipped classrooms, frequent feedback, group learning, debates and discussions, self-evaluations, peer evaluations, self-paced learning, small group, differentiated groups, and workshops.

Career Services

The Career support at Kepler College focuses on three key points; career awareness, career exploration, and career preparations.