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Jan 29th 2024

Stepping Stones to Success: Yvonne’s Transformation at Kepler College

Yvonne Tuyishime's journey to Kepler College was fueled by her aspiration to become a fashion and footwear entrepreneur. Born with congenital curvature of the spine, the challenges she faced prior to joining included financial constraints and job market struggles. Her determination led her to Kepler College, viewing it as a pivotal step in her career progression.

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Oct 13th 2023

Celebrating Dedication: Teachers’ Day at Kepler College

This Friday marked a special day at Kepler College as the Keplerian community, including students and staff, gathered to honor the exceptional educators who inspire and shape the minds of tomorrow.  Under the theme, 'The Teachers We Need for the Education We Want: The Global Imperative to Reverse the Teacher Shortage,' the event underscored the key role of teachers in society. The day was enriched with a series of heartfelt student performances and inspiring speeches, painting a vivid picture of the profound impact educators have on their students.

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Oct 3rd 2023

Embracing Digital Existence: A Converse Between Kepler College’s Senior Management and Students

Today, Kepler College held its Friday chat with the College's Senior Management and the Student's General Assembly on Digital Existence. The dialogue, spurred by the monetized digital age's impact on today's youth, explored the essence of ethical online engagement and the contrasting values of real-world interactions against the backdrop of social media. Kepler College Vice-Chancellor Prof. Baylie Damtie emphasized the imperative of leveraging acquired knowledge to enhance professional marketability.

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Sep 28th 2023

Exploring a Day in Samuel’s Life at Kepler College, Kiziba Campus.

Every day at Kepler College's Kiziba campus is a journey steeped in learning and interaction. Samuel Bikorimana, not just a devoted student but also a Learning Coach, embodies the spirit of educational pursuit prevalent on the campus. His journey illustrates the blend of discipline, interaction, and joy that defines life at Kepler College, Kiziba campus. His routine reflects the balanced life that the institution promotes, fostering academic excellence while also nurturing interpersonal relationships and personal growth.

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Sep 20th 2023

An Insight into Landouard’s Teaching Philosophy and Experience at Kepler College

Meet Landouard Habiyaremye, a highly dedicated Director of Academic Advising who has been with Kepler College for eight years. With a deep passion for teaching and a strong belief in student-centered learning, Landouard strives to make a positive impact in higher education. He has faced various challenges along the way but remains committed to transforming education. His message to potential students is clear: take the leap, apply, and be part of the transformative journey that Kepler College offers.

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Sep 11th 2023

Breaking Boundaries: Dieudonné’s Triumph Over Physical Disability

Do you ever wonder what holds you back from achieving your dreams? Is it a physical limitation, financial constraints, psychological barriers, or emotional struggles? The story of 23-year-old Keplerian Dieudonné reminds that determination can transcend physical limitations and that dreams are achievable, regardless of the obstacles in one's path.

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Sep 4th 2023

How Jacques Bihozagara aspires to become a global brand in photography using Project Management skills

Jacques Bihozagara, a 22-year-old Keplerian from the Mugombwa Refugee Camp in Gisagara District, Southern Province, is currently a dedicated learner at Kepler College. As the second of nine siblings, Jacques has faced numerous challenges tied to his refugee status. Yet, he has never wavered in his determination to pursue higher education and realize his dream of becoming a professional photographer.

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Aug 31st 2023

A Journey of Empowerment – A Conversation with Claude Mutabazi

Prior to joining Kepler College, Claude Mutabazi held impactful roles fueling his career growth, from IT Manager at Umubano Primary School to teaching ICT at College Amahoro located in the Kiziba Refugee Camp, Western province, Rwanda. Now pursuing an Associate of Science in General Studies with a Business focus at Kepler College, Kiziba campus, Claude also contributed as Operations Assistant.

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Aug 30th 2023

Admit Day: Kepler College Welcomes the Class of 2026

On Monday, Kepler College welcomed over 350 students and guardians to its campus in Kigali for Admit Day 2023, an event that marked the beginning of their academic journey. The event was designed to give the incoming class of 2026 and their families a sneak peek into the world of Kepler College - from its academic sessions, vibrant student life, comprehensive financial assistance programs, to the career pathways that await every graduate.

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Aug 3rd 2023

How Kepler College is Cultivating the Next Generation of Financially Savvy Leaders

On Friday, Kepler College held the annual Finance Day, where guest speakers from Bank of Kigali shared insights on financial literacy, inspiring students with real-life success stories of fiscal discipline, enabling them to make informed financial choices for a more stable future. Throughout the sessions, students learned about budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, and gained tips on achieving financial security, building wealth, and achieving empowerment.

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Jul 7th 2023

How Kepler College is Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry

On a bright Friday at Kepler College in Kigali, the annual Career Fair 2023 unfolded with a resounding success. The event, held on July 7th, served as a vibrant platform for students to explore potential career opportunities and connect with a diverse range of over 30 companies and organizations. Among the notable companies present were entities such as the World Food Programme (WFP), telecommunications giant MTN, digital services provider Irembo, and renowned brewery, SKOL.

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Apr 18th 2023


Lifelong Skills for Successful Career Pathways Kepler fosters self-reliance and a positive attitude towards challenges to shape good leaders. Their competency-based model, using real-world case studies and projects, helps graduates succeed in the modern workforce with a 90% employment rate within six months of graduating. Kepler’s holistic education approach includes “Kepler Success Week”, a gateway […]

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