Career Services

Career service at Kepler College is a crucial strategy of the College to support our students in their school-to-work transition. The focus of our career service broadly includes career awareness, career exploration, and career preparation.

At the early stage of their learning, students are engaged to:

  • Discover their interests/passion, abilities, and explore the degree options at the College that align with their passion/interests.
  • Learn about the  jobs and careers  prospects that are connected to the degree programs of their interest
  • Participate in practical training and activities to prepare for their aspired career and transition to the labor market.

Students go through a series of exciting career support sessions to aid their career preparations and transition to the labor market through variety of relevant modules including the following:

Career Choice Module:

This module is designed to support  students  to  understand their interests, explore degree  options at Kepler College that align with their interests, research about the labor market, and set goals and an action plan to pursue their aspired career.  The module advances  students’ self awareness and awareness of the present and future of work in their areas of choice including the practical steps they need to take during their study period. 


Job Readiness Module:

This module is designed to equip students with 21st century job search skills, which are critical in their school-to–work transition and also advance their understanding of the region’s and global  labor market dynamics. Students get hands-on training on establishing a professional network, writing resumes/CVs and cover letters, conducting successful interviews including preparing interviews, carrying out mock interviews and negotiating contracts and other related subjects.

Career Coaching:

Kepler College offers individualized as well group career coaching based on the identified gaps and also emerging  needs of our students as part of empowering students to take an active role in making appropriate choices and decisions. 

Coaching topics are diverse and depends on the needs of individual student or groups and they include the following:

  • Effective strategies to  handle  the pressure/confusion associated with  choosing a degree program to pursue at Kepler College
  • How to overcome the struggle  to choose an appropriate career  and the associated direction to follow 
  • Essential preparations for a job including seeking feedback on job application, mock interviews for effective interview preparation and other job application tips. 
  • Work – study balance during their education period and coaching  on job success

Internship Opportunities

Kepler College supports  students to get industrial experience in partnership with its employer partners. Students’ practical work experience through Internship is a requirement at Kepler College and an impactful strategy to connect our students to the labor market and also get feedback on the effectiveness of our pedagogy. Students must have internship experience before graduation to assess their learning through practice at the workplace and fill any gaps observed during this internship. Kepler College also conducts a series of job readiness  sessions by inviting speakers from its  employer partners to share the nature of work with our students. We host an Annual Career Fair to inform students about the job market and employer expectations by bringing employer partners and students  together.