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The future of work will rely more on data than ever before. Businesses are increasingly utilizing insightful business analysis to make informed decisions. The need for skilled business analysts who can harness the power of data is growing rapidly.

Kepler College’s undergraduate  Business Analytics Degree serves as the key to unlock the doors to competitive salaries and unparalleled career growth opportunities. In this program, in addition to learning key skills on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting business data; you will also acquire competence in shaping the course of future businesses in the continent and beyond.  Kepler College undergraduate Business Analytics Degree is designed to be your passport to success. 

The program is not just about extracting performance-indicative numbers from business data, it also offers versatile skills in understanding the fundamentals behind the data and the competence in utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies including AI to unleash the potential of businesses and organizations.

Why Study Business Analytics?

The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics degree program is designed to equip students with skills and knowledge related to collecting, organizing, cleaning, interpreting, and visualizing data that is relevant to improving decision-making in organizations. We address the needs of the local labour market through contextualized and practical-oriented courses. We apply case studies from East Africa and beyond, focusing on skills that are highly in demand in today's economy.

Applicants with a Rwandan High School A level certificate must have:

  • For general upper secondary, an advanced Level Certificate with at least two principal passes and a grade C in Mathematics in subject combinations of Mathematics–Economics–Geography (MEG), Mathematics–Computer Science–Economics (MCE), Mathematics– Physics–Computer Science (MPC), Mathematics-Chemistry-Biology (MCB), or Physics–Chemistry–Mathematics (PCM). 
  • For Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), applicants should have completed level 5, with at least two principal passes in ICT and Multimedia, one of which must be Mathematics with a minimum grade of C or its equivalent.
  • For Professional education, applicants should have completed level 5 with at least two principal passes and a minimum grade of C in Mathematics in either Science and Mathematics Education (SME) with a Teacher Training Certificate or Accounting.

International Students must have:

  • Equivalence for foreign certificate, with at least two principal passes and a grade C in Mathematics. Apply here for the equivalence.
  • Notarized copy of your Secondary School Certificate for applicants from Rwanda or its equivalent recognized by Rwanda education regulatory agency  for international applicants
  • Proof of payment for registration fees  of 40USD (paid in its equivalence in Rwf)
  • Have a laptop to access the learning materials
  • Accepted applicants will only be allowed to enroll upon presenting the following:
    • Valid Mutuelle de Sante card or valid private health insurance card (Rwandan students)
    • Valid police clearance letter and passport for student visa requirements (International students)

Admissions Timeline

  • Online Application Period: TBC
  • Selection process: TBC
  • Announcing the provisional list of admitted students: TBC
  • Registration period: TBC
  • Orientation: TBC
  • Classes start: TBC

Online Application

  • Personal contact information, including phone numbers
  • Application documents including copy of High School Reports (S4, S5 and S6 or Grade 10, 11 and 12), National exam Certificate, National ID or Passport for Foreign Applicants.
  • Brief responses about your interest for applying to Kepler College
  • An active email address

Fees Information

  • For the upcoming intake, the annual tuition fee is 1,650 USD (paid in its equivalence in Rwandan francs) for Rwandan applicants, and 3,200 USD for international applicants. This tuition covers access to modules, graduation and diploma fees, all Kepler College academic support, internet access, student support services including nurse and counselor, events, etc.
  • Both international and Rwandan applicants can only pay upfront. There is no financial aid for this intake.
  • In addition, all applicants who are accepted and choose to enroll at Kepler College will be required to pay 40USD (paid in its equivalence in Rwf) annual registration fee to secure their spot.


Phone: + 250 (0) 78 977 3042 or + 250 (0) 78  263 7318

The Bachelor’s in Project Management was created in response to the serious challenges that Rwanda and many countries in Africa face in finding qualified graduates in project initiation, planning, appraisal, execution, monitoring and evaluation and closure.

Our degree is designed to equip students with competencies in project management that leverages technology. Project management knowledge and skills are  highly transferable skills and our degree will open doors to an exciting career with a great opportunity for growth. Graduates can work in diverse sectors as  project managers, team leaders, coordinators, supervisors, office managers, logistic managers etc.