About Us

Educating Africa’s Youth For Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Kepler College’s mission is to prepare young Africans with global competencies and the mindset to solve local challenges. We offer high quality, affordable and employment-driven higher education at the intersection of management and technology, with already two  bachelor’s degree programs one in prroject management and the recent in Business Analytics.

Kepler College pedagogy is built on learning by doing where students are actively engaged through a variety of projects and case studies  and required to demonstrate their learning through measurable competencies before moving to the next level.  

This is based on the proven academic model of  Kepler, the college’s parent organization, whose academic programs have led to ninety percent of Kepler supported graduates securing gainful employment within six months after graduation in Rwanda and with shorter programming Ethiopia.

Kepler College will deliver transformative opportunities and economic mobility for African youth by leading Africa’s transition to competency-based education.

We plan to serve 2,250 students over the next five years.

Our Team

At Kepler College, we are committed to doing education and upskilling differently. We have high expectations for our employees, but also for ourselves as an employer. It is important to us to create a space of empowerment where everyone contributes to the mission of preparing our students for the 21st century workforce. We foster a spirit of purpose, teamwork, integrity and honesty, and we encourage constant learning to better ourselves and our work. Become part of the Kepler team – our current opening can be found here.


To offer competency-based, accessible, employment-driven tertiary education, conduct applied research and offer innovative and scalable community service to support the development of Rwanda.


To become a leading competency-based higher education institution in Sub-Saharan Africa with outstanding employment outcomes for our graduates that lead to economic mobility.