Bachelor of Science In

Business Analytics

Kepler College’s Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Analytics program is designed to equip students with proficiency in formulating impactful business questions, collecting and storing relevant data, cleaning and preparing structured and unstructured data, analyzing and interpreting diverse data, and effectively communicating the results. The program is offered by leveraging cutting-edge data analysis tools and artificial intelligence technologies to enable students to analyze and interpret diverse business datasets and provide reliable descriptive, predictive, as well as prescriptive insights, which are crucial for data-informed decisions in today’s dynamic business landscape.

The BSc in Business Analytics Program at Kepler College offers a transformative industrial attachment experience, collaborating closely with over 400 diverse employer partners. This industry-driven learning opportunity ensures that students demonstrate their learning on cases/projects drawn from diverse industries and gain invaluable real-world insights and practical skills essential for success in the professional realm.  The program also incorporates 21st-century transferable skills covering professionalism, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which are applicable across diverse industries.

A graduate of the Business Analytics Program will have a competitive advantage to work as:

  • Business Analyst in leading banks, insurance companies, government ministries, and NGOs
  • Sales Analyst in manufacturing firms, retail businesses, and SMEs
  • Data Analyst in healthcare systems, agriculture, and education sectors
  • Risk Analyst in environmental organizations, energy sectors, cybersecurity firms, and law enforcement agencies
  • Human Resource Analyst in diverse firms
  • E-commerce Analyst in Fintech and cloud service providers
  • Performance Analyst in sports, business operations, and the public sector

Program Content


Kepler College also encourages its staff and students to carry out applied and relevant research in its focus areas including management, project management, business and business data analytics. We aim to leverage research in these areas to expand in parallel with the development of academic programs and impact communities through service and skills transfer. We also relish innovative collaborations to seek and carry out impactful actionable research and community services. We focus on leveraging a myriad of stakeholder engagements and collaborations to build research capacity for our staff and across other higher learning institutions. We measure our success in research and community service by the impact of our initiatives to tackle community problems and/or in empowering people to transform communities.