Celebrating Dedication: Teachers’ Day at Kepler College

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Kigali, 13 October 2023 – This Friday marked a special day at Kepler College as the Keplerian community, including students and staff, gathered to honor the exceptional educators who inspire and shape the minds of tomorrow. 

Under the theme, ‘The Teachers We Need for the Education We Want: The Global Imperative to Reverse the Teacher Shortage,’ the event underscored the key role of teachers in society.

The day was enriched with a series of heartfelt student performances and inspiring speeches, painting a vivid picture of the profound impact educators have on their students. Appreciation poem “A letter to our teachers” penned by students, brimming with personal anecdotes and gratitude, was showcased, highlighting the transformative relationships between teachers and their learners.

Sunrise or sunset, your support was full and bright. Even when I strayed, lost in my own night, you brought me back on course, teaching me what’s right,” the poem narrates.

Among the luminaries celebrated were Elisa Hakizamungu, who received the accolade of Best Teacher of the Year; Jean Damascene Nzamurambaho, recognized as the Best Academic Advisor; Seth Abimana, awarded the title of Best Learning Assistant; and Sylvestre Samvura, named the Best Operations Staff.

Speaking on behalf of the Kepler College teaching staff, Jean Baptiste Ukwizabigira, Assistant Lecturer and Subject Manager, said, “Today, We are reminded of the immense responsibility and privilege we have as educators. Let us recommit ourselves to this noble cause, for in the heart of teaching lies the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Kepler College Vice-Chancellor Professor Baylie Damtie highlighted the significant role of educators in not just imparting knowledge, but also in shaping the societal fabric, urging everyone to consider if enough is being done to instill core values in students.

Our community owes you a debt of gratitude. Your efforts, though often challenging, are fundamental to our collective progress and the betterment of our society. The transformative impact you have on our students is evident and celebrated by their families. You have our full support,” Prof. Baylie stated, expressing his gratitude.

The 2023 Teachers’ Day celebration at Kepler College served as a call for introspection on fostering a value-centric educational setting. This philosophy, embedded in the college’s ethos, underscores the enduring impact of a nurturing academic environment on the holistic development of students.