Education at Kepler College is built on learning by doing pedagogical principles, where students are given case studies and projects to work on and teachers have a facilitating role by providing relevant resources and direction.  Every program at Kepler College is designed to equip the students with foundational  knowledge and skills, subject specific competencies and relevant industrial experiences. The success of education at Kepler College is  primarily measured by gainful employment.

The foundational knowledge and skills include communication, professionalism and digital competence which are critical for students’ character building,  academic outcomes and securing gainful employment. Our approach to higher education is also designed to tackle barriers like gender, finance and foundational skills effectively. We pay special attention to barriers to employment including mismatch between education and the labor market needs, access to information and insufficient job readiness for employment.  Kepler College has robust job readiness training and career guidance to effectively address these challenges.

Our competency-based  pedagogical approach is offered through blended learning. The approach integrates technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities, giving students more flexibility to customize their learning experiences.  Instead of rote learning, we engage our students actively in their learning through a variety of projects and case studies drawn from a real situation and ask them to  demonstrate their learning by executing these projects.  Also, many student- led workshops, clubs and community service are geared toward empowering students. 


Our pedagogical strategies include goal setting, flipped classrooms, frequent feedback, group learning, debates and discussions, self-evaluations, peer evaluations, self-paced learning, small group, differentiated groups, and workshops. These strategies mimic real work-like scenarios and offer students plenty of opportunities to advance their employability  knowledge and skills.