Embracing Digital Existence: A Converse Between Kepler College’s Senior Management and Students

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Kigali, 03 October 2023 – Last Friday, Kepler College held its weekend chat with the College’s Senior Management and the Student’s General Assembly on Digital Existence. The dialogue, spurred by the monetized digital age’s impact on today’s youth, explored the essence of ethical online engagement and the contrasting values of real-world interactions against the backdrop of social media.

Kepler College Vice-Chancellor Prof. Baylie Damtie emphasized the imperative of leveraging acquired knowledge to enhance professional marketability. He urged the students to seek diverse perspectives when making judgments, rather than solely relying on individual understanding. He reiterated the importance of adhering to established rules and guidelines while embracing the boundless opportunities presented in this digital epoch.

Authenticity is your true compass both in the digital realm and in face-to-face interactions. While engaging with online causes, remember, a balanced approach ensures that you remain grounded in the ever-evolving digital milieu,” he advised.

The conversation transitioned into a lively discussion, with the students reflecting on social media’s impact on mirroring one’s physical identity, its role in molding an individual’s moral and ethical standards within society, and how it influences the value of human interactions in a monetized digital age.

Conversely, Fabrice Ishimwe shared, “Social media, while a powerful tool, is akin to a double-edged sword—it harbors both positive and negative facets.” He expressed his enthusiasm for sharing content that resonates with him and aligns with his personal and professional aspirations.

Student Guild President Synthia Uwase expressed gratitude towards the senior management for organizing such an enlightening dialogue, stating, “We appreciate your guidance and support.

The discussion advised against succumbing to comparison with established digital influencers, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and valuing individual journeys in the digital influencing realm. The conversation stressed the need for maintaining authenticity and consistency in one’s personality across both physical and online interactions, and advocated for a balanced engagement with online causes, rather than being wholly engulfed by them.

This invigorating discussion between Kepler College’s Senior Management and the Student General Assembly illuminates the path for ethical digital engagement, the preservation of human interactions, and a balanced approach to navigating the monetized digital sphere. Through such dialogues, Kepler College continues to foster a conducive environment for critical discourse, helping mold well-rounded individuals ready to traverse the digital age’s complex landscape.