Exploring a Day in Samuel’s Life at Kepler College, Kiziba Campus.

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Kigali, 28 September 2023 – Every day at Kepler College’s Kiziba campus is a journey steeped in learning and interaction. Samuel Bikorimana, not just a devoted student but also a Learning Coach, embodies the spirit of educational pursuit prevalent on the campus.

Among 158 refugee learners on campus, Samuel is currently engaged in acquiring an Associate of Science in General Study, specializing in Business, a distinctive program offered by Kepler in collaboration with Southern New Hampshire University.

He graciously offers insight into his daily academic and coaching endeavors, shedding light on the enriching experiences and opportunities available at the campus.

My day usually kicks off with me checking my laptop to catch up on the updates for today’s classes,” he shares.

This laptop is stored in a designated room where each student has their individual slot, fostering a sense of order and responsibility among the students.

Post retrieval, Samuel heads to class, greeting his fellow classmates and catching up on where they are seated. He then delves into his emails, a critical step for him to streamline his schedule and stay informed about any new communications from students or staff members.

This helps me ascertain if there are any updates or communications… to streamline my schedule for the day,” he explains.

Once the preliminary tasks are sorted, Samuel enjoys his lunch, a much-needed break in his packed schedule. Following lunch, he relaxes with some movies and music for about an hour, a refreshing interlude to his busy routine.

The day doesn’t end here; Samuel scrupulously checks his Canvas to ensure all the assignments and necessary materials are posted and ready for the students.

I scrutinize my Canvas to verify that all necessary pages and assignments are posted,” he says, highlighting his meticulous approach to his studies.

The enriching experience at Kepler College, Kiziba campus is not limited to academics. Samuel treasures the interactions and the shared engagement with fellow students and staff.

It’s also about the enriching interactions and the joys we share, including dance and other leisure activities,” he says, his face lit up with a smile.

On June 24, 2023, during the World Refugee Day celebrations at Kepler College, Kiziba Campus, Samuel took the spotlight as the lead dancer. He, along with his team of four, presented a captivating choreographic performance, showcasing the vibrant spirit and talent of the Keplerians on this significant day.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Samuel actively engages in professional internships and boasts a versatile skill set encompassing public speaking, critical thinking, technology, and leadership.

Samuel has contributed to the Champions of Change Mentorship project under Plan International Rwanda and clinched victory in the Kepler Technology competition for Cohort 22a in the 2022-2023 academic year. He harbors a profound passion for business, especially in management.

Samuel’s journey illustrates the blend of discipline, interaction, and joy that defines life at Kepler College. His routine reflects the balanced life that the institution promotes, fostering academic excellence while also nurturing interpersonal relationships and personal growth.

Watch Samuel’s daily routine at Kepler College YouTube channel.