How Kepler College is Cultivating the Next Generation of Financially Savvy Leaders

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Kigali, 03 August 2023 – Last Friday, Kepler College hosted its annual Finance Day, an event aimed at empowering students with financial literacy skills and knowledge. The event had a lineup of guest speakers from Bank of Kigali who shared expert advice and real-world experiences on the importance of maintaining fiscal discipline. The goal of the event was to inspire students to make intelligent and informed financial decisions, which could help build a solid foundation for a more financially stable future.

Throughout the day, the students were given a comprehensive overview of critical financial management concepts, including budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management. With these tools, the students were shown how to achieve financial security, build wealth, and gain empowerment, not just theoretically, but practically too.

The discussions were enriched with real-life success stories of individuals who exemplified fiscal discipline. These stories served to inspire the students by showing them that a strong financial future is not only possible but also achievable with the right mindset and skills.

During her keynote address, Kepler Chief Executive Officer, Nathalie Munyampenda, encouraged the students  to embrace an early saving culture. She emphasized the need to sidestep common financial missteps that young adults often fall prey to.

“Embrace the discipline of sacrifice to reach your goals. Starting small and setting clear objectives is key,” She advised.

The message resonated with the students, who gained a better understanding of the fact that financial success isn’t merely about how much one earns but also about how one manages and grows that income over time.

The annual Finance Day at Kepler College is an initiative that serves to equip students with the financial acumen they need for the real world. By drawing on the expertise of financial professionals, the event is fostering an environment where students are not only informed about the mechanics of personal finance but also inspired to be proactive in securing their financial futures.

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