Living the Essence of Learning by Doing: Samuel Masengesho

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Living the Essence of Learning by Doing: Samuel Masengesho 

“When I applied to Kepler College, it was a process that I did not take lightly. I diligently did my research and from there I realized that there was no other university in Rwanda that could offer me the experience I sought.” 

Pursuing a degree in Project Management, Samuel Masengesho, joined Kepler College with a zeal and passion for learning. Prior to joining, Samuel had the opportunity of seeing the Kepler impact through his sister who was a current student. 

“Before applying, I had the unique experience of seeing the way they work. During the time my sister was studying here, I saw tangible results and impact through her skills. This prompted me to do further research on the College and other institutions around the country,” added Samuel.

After conducting his research, Samuel found Kepler College to be an ideal option for him and one that aligned with his passions. Pursuing his degree in Project Management, Samuel aimed to change the narrative of project management and depict the importance of project managers in businesses and organizations. Not only that, Samuel was intrigued by the holistic skills, including leadership, critical-thinking and problem-solving, that project managers typically have. 

When Samuel was accepted into Kepler College, he quickly saw that the college is set up to ensure that students can practice what they are learning. Through experiential learning, Samuel noticed how various activities come together to put his learning to the test.

“The Kepler College experience is so unique because we learn the importance of learning while doing. For example, I have had the opportunity to be a class leader which enabled me to learn from my peers and apply my team management skills. Such experiences help me grow and will come in handy as I navigate my project management journey,” highlighted Samuel. 

Samuel, like many other Kepler College students, is continuously encouraged by the learning environment at Kepler College. 

Through the Kepler pedagogy, Samuel has been able to observe how Kepler equips students with the managerial and soft skills needed in the labor market. In addition, Kepler is well known for its graduate employment rates, which stand at 90% after graduation.

“Growing and learning happen every day at Kepler College. I encourage any student looking to apply or researching institutions to look at Kepler. We are not only being invested in through our skills but also our mindset and learning how we can create solutions that impact our lives and our communities positively. They have lots of support and resources and are ready to assist you on your journey of forging the career you desire,” shared Samuel.

Samuel’s journey continues to unfold with bigger aspirations, aligning with the growth that he continues to see in himself. Upon completing his studies, Samuel envisions creating a job for himself whereby he is able to invest in young Rwandans who are also ready to become answers to challenges in their communities.

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