A Journey of Empowerment – A Conversation with Claude Mutabazi

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Before joining Kepler College, Claude Mutabazi held impactful roles that fueled his career growth, from IT Manager at Umubano Primary School to teaching ICT at College Amahoro located in the Kiziba Refugee Camp, Western province, Rwanda. Now pursuing an Associate of Science in General Studies with a Business focus at Kepler College, Kiziba campus, Claude also contributed as an Operations Assistant.

Kepler College: How has your perspective changed since joining Kepler College?

Claude Mutabazi: Before attending Kepler College, I didn’t know that I could have a future on my own. As a refugee, what we all think is all about being provided. As I spent time here at Kepler College, I got to learn that I can be the one to provide what I really need. I didn’t know that I could stand in front of people giving the speech, but after attending Kepler College, I have seen many changes which allow me to express my opinion.

Kepler College: What was the initial challenge you faced in your learning journey?

Claude Mutabazi: The first challenge in my learning journey is the English language. English was a challenge for me because I wasn’t able to express myself, but thanks to Kepler, it has provided us tons of opportunities.

Kepler College: How did Kepler College help you overcome the challenge of learning English?

Claude Mutabazi: We got to know how to speak it or express something in English by practicing. They used to provide us with some videos, some audios, so I got to catch all those opportunities and then make it as a tool that can help me to know that English. I have even tried, and then gone to talk with the staff to see how far I am.

Kepler College: How did Kepler College change your outlook on higher education?

Claude Mutabazi: As we grew up, we had no hope about accessing higher education. But now, thanks to Kepler College, it has provided us the opportunity of pursuing higher education, which can be a tool for changing our lives.

Kepler College: What aspirations have developed during your time at Kepler College?

Claude Mutabazi: One of my aspirations is to start or own a business after graduation. This is because I really need to make some money. I really need to contribute to my community. My time here at Kepler is preparing me to get close to my aspiration, which could help me to manage a business until it becomes successful.

Kepler College: Could you summarize your Kepler College journey in one sentence?

Claude Mutabazi: From doubting my potential as a refugee to realizing my ability to shape my future at Kepler College.