Stepping Stones to Success: Yvonne’s Transformation at Kepler College

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Kigali, Rwanda | 25 January 2024 – Yvonne Tuyishime’s journey to Kepler College was fueled by her aspiration to become a fashion and footwear entrepreneur. Born and raised in the Kiziba Refugee Camp, Western Rwanda, in 2002 with congenital curvature of the spine, the challenges she faced prior to joining included financial constraints and job market struggles. Her determination led her to Kepler College, viewing it as a pivotal step in her career progression.

At Kepler College, Yvonne, 21, enrolled in the 2023 cohort to pursue Project Management. She  encountered a transformative educational environment, distinguishing it from her past experiences. She developed technological prowess and public speaking skills. A defining moment for her is a November 2023 talent show, which fostered connections and joy among students, alongside club activities that enriched her learning.

Proud of her enhanced time management and critical thinking skills, Yvonne credits her growth to the structured environment at Kepler College. These improvements have significantly boosted her personal and professional development, overcoming previous challenges like disorganization and timidity.

Those experiences contributed a lot to my personal and professional growth because, before, I was disorganized; I didn’t respect time. Even when my public speaking was too low, I was shy. So, that’s why I am grateful for Kepler College,” she affirmed.

The Iteme scholarship, offered in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, has been instrumental in Yvonne’s educational journey, offering both academic and life support. It has enabled her to focus on her studies and personal development without financial strain.

Post-graduation, Yvonne aspires to establish a fashion and footwear manufacturing business. Utilizing the skills honed at Kepler College, she aims to adeptly navigate both the creation and marketing aspects of her venture. To support this endeavor, Yvonne plans to seek assistance from the Business Development Fund (BDF), an initiative by the Government of Rwanda since 2011, designed to provide financial and advisory assistance to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The combined influence of Kepler College and the Iteme scholarship has been transformative for Yvonne. From an introverted overthinker to a confident public participant, she now aims to use her education to inspire and support people with disabilities, aiming to address unemployment in this community.

I hope and believe that tomorrow is better than I am planning for it. I know I will use my education to inspire others to be themselves and proud of themselves, especially people with disabilities. I want to influence them as much as I can. So far, I want to reduce unemployment for people with disabilities who have already completed their studies,” Yvonne asserts.

Yvonne advises future Kepler College students to remain patient, persistent, and focused on their dreams. She emphasizes the importance of planning and resilience, assuring that perseverance today can lead to a brighter tomorrow.