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Lifelong Skills for Successful Career Pathways

Kepler fosters self-reliance and a positive attitude towards challenges to shape good leaders. Their competency-based model, using real-world case studies and projects, helps graduates succeed in the modern workforce with a 90% employment rate within six months of graduating.

Kepler’s holistic education approach includes “Kepler Success Week”, a gateway for students and staff to acquire diverse learning opportunities and drive positive change within their communities.

The goal of “Kepler Success Week” is to equip students and staff with further life skills to elevate their contribution to society. The program covers topics from mental and physical health to environmental protection and financial literacy. Kepler aims to ensure their graduates possess the right attitudes and mindsets to tackle various societal challenges,” shared Célestin Nkeramihigo, Dean of Faculty.

The week featured a variety of sessions tailored to discuss and engage students and staff, on pertinent topics such as maintaining good physical and mental health, financial literacy, environmental conservation, community services and more. By covering a diversity of subjects, the Kepler community was able to gain insightful skills necessary to sharpen and explore new opportunities that intrigue them.

I looked forward to the mental health session the most, as this is a subject that should be widely discussed in personal and professional settings. One of my key takeaways from this session was knowing that good mental health begins with connecting with self, and being aware of our feelings. It highlighted how it’s crucial to sharpen emotional intelligence, as much as we sharpen our general intelligence,” shared Belynda A. Isimbi, a Kepler student.

Kepler’s learning model is one that is changing the norm on how learning institutions can shape students.

Universities need to invest more in providing life skills for students, to ensure graduates are able to navigate life’s challenges. Attitudes and mindsets are not developed overnight but require nurturing, and from nurturing comes the harnessing of our students’ talents and skills. We must remember that the right attitude can open more doors than solely relying on hands-on skills, “ highlighted Celestin.

This initiative aimed to be a place for students to interact with the value of life skills. As many institutions focus on in-class skills, it is crucial to create real-life experiences to ensure graduates are academically equipped with rich knowledge that is intertwined with high levels of emotional intelligence.

I learned about what a healthy relationship should look like. It should involve respect, assertive communication, honesty, affection, and trust. This is very crucial to me as a young person since I tend to make relationships with different people that I meet including my classmates, coworkers, and even romantic relationships. This is going to help me to maintain healthy relationships and walk out of toxic relationships.” Reflected Keplerian, Fedresse Munezero.

This was one of my favorite Kepler initiatives because I felt enriched in more ways than one. The highlight of this week centering on the importance of knowing self and being aware of our mental, emotional, and intellectual capabilities. Through various sessions, I realized that every single journey begins with oneself. Therefore you must endeavor to learn about yourself to see how you can use that to benefit your community and yourself,” shared Kepler student Daniel Masengesho.

With students being nurtured through positive learning environments and is a great example that real-life learning spaces can support students and graduates to view the world in a different perspective. “Success Week” is Kepler’s newest annual initiative that’ll consistently serve as a nurturing character development space.