Holistic Education for Career Pathways

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The Kepler College environment makes you feel like the world is your oyster. It makes you feel like the future is yours and the labor market is eagerly waiting for you. Their learning model teaches you to independently master all your competencies.

Zulea Majune’s journey with Kepler College began as early as high school when her interest in applying was sparked. Zulea quickly became fascinated by the school’s pedagogy and its emphasis on linking their students with employment opportunities.

Kepler College operates with a “learning by doing” model. This model ensures that students are equipped with transferable skills that make them competent in the 21st Century labor market. The learning environment provides a space for blended learning with a balance of digital and communication skills.

One of the components of Kepler College that really enticed me is their teaching model that encourages students to be independent. Their encouragement helped me to master the competencies. Not only that, the career team at Kepler College helps you make sense of the various steps, including career exploration, growth opportunities and more, that may be difficult for you to decode on your own,” shared Zulea.

In creating a quality learning environment, the Career Services team is a crucial component to the Kepler College strategy to support students. The team focuses on ensuring that students are supported through the school-to-work transition, offering support through career awareness, exploration and preparation.

Through Kepler’s hands-on approach, students are encouraged to search for opportunities to put their knowledge to the test. In December 2022, Zulea was chosen as a Research Assistant at ICOS Consulting Plc. From this experience, Zulea observed an impact on her data collection skills.

My time as a research assistant highlighted the importance of data quality. I learned how to ensure that my data is accurate, reliable and consistent. This includes double-checking responses and verifying data entries. With these kinds of hands-on learning experiences, I am encouraged to keep forging a path for myself in data sciences,” shared Zulea.

Zulea hopes to work in research for organizations like the United Nations to make a positive impact. Kepler College’s pedagogy and Career Services team have helped her believe this is attainable, through the holistic education provided. Kepler College prepares students to be independent and competent thinkers in the modern job market.

As she continues her journey at Kepler College, Zulea continues to be refreshed by the measurable growth she has achieved. From sharpening her public speaking skills to being a critical thinker who is able to curate solutions that she observes. With this trajectory, she envisions herself being a source of inspiration for many others and especially forging a successful career as a project manager for prominent institutions.

To learn more about Kepler College, visit www.keplercollege.ac.rw.

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