How Jacques Bihozagara aspires to become a global brand in photography using Project Management skills

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Jacques Bihozagara, a 22-year-old Keplerian from the Mugombwa Refugee Camp in Gisagara District, Southern Province, is currently a dedicated learner at Kepler College. As the second of nine siblings, Jacques has faced numerous challenges tied to his refugee status. Yet, he has never wavered in his determination to pursue higher education and realize his dream of becoming a professional photographer.

Kepler College prepares young Africans with global competencies and the mindset to solve local challenges by offering competency-based learning and career development programs.

When Jacques first heard about Kepler College in 2022, he was impressed by the transformative opportunities the campus offered and decided to apply. He was one of the lucky few who got accepted into the Project Management course. 

Joining Kepler College was a dream come true. The campus is not only aesthetically pleasing but also boasts a vibrant community. The green surroundings, professional instructors, and exceptional leadership create a nurturing environment,” Jacques recalls his first impression when he stepped onto the campus.

However, adjusting to the academic environment was challenging for Jacques. He had to overcome the challenges of learning in English, which was not his native language, and coping with the intensity and rigor of the course. 

It was hard at first, but I did not give up. I worked hard and used the resources that Kepler College provided me. I improved my writing and presentation skills, as well as my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. I learned how to be self-reliant and manage my time effectively,” He says.

Jacques also found a way to integrate his passion for photography with his studies in Project Management. As a result of his skills and talent, Jacques has been able to work on various notable projects as a freelance camera operator for Ganza Films, a renowned multimedia company in Kigali, Rwanda. He has photographed prominent individuals such as government officials, religious leaders, and celebrities. He has also covered national and international events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, and celebrations.

Jacques has big aspirations for his future after graduating from Kepler College. 

I aim to establish myself as a renowned project manager in multimedia, both locally and on the international stage. I envision a future where my name becomes synonymous with exceptional photography. As I achieve this prominence, I also hope it brings prosperity to my family and the community,” he says.

Jacques encourages younger refugees with backgrounds like his to recognize opportunities they have to explore their dreams.

Despite our challenges, we still have the chance. We are fortunate to be in a country that offers us the freedom to explore and pursue our dreams. We have a platform to learn, try new things, and showcase our talents. The world is still open to us. Let’s seize these opportunities and chart our path to success,” he advised.


  • Eric Ndayisaba says:

    Such Inspiring story! Keep feeding your passion of Photography. Your future will be more brighter than today. I’m the #BigFan man. 😁💪

  • Eric NGABONZIZA says:

    This is fantastic 🙏
    In fact, I like the way Refugees youth, are eager to learn and develop themselves despite their Challenges and I also encourage them not to border themselves because nowadays World is full of Opportunities for young Generations especially for those who are creative, Innovative, etc..

    Therefore, keep it up and never give up until you achieve on your dreams “BIHOZAGARA Jacques”
    Proud of you my Guy